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Our Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services Will Protect and Uphold the Integrity of your Facility

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Janitorial Cleaning Services

There is nothing less appealing than an unkempt building or facility. Not only is it distasteful but it doesn’t inspire trust. Aesthetic as well as appearance contribute to how you’re perceived, and first impressions are lasting. Consequently, soliciting commercial cleaning services from reputable companies, such as Bostonian Enterprises, is a wise investment. Cleanliness is an essential part of every business.

Bostonian Enterprises specializes in high-quality janitorial services designed to meet and exceed your needs. Through our services we will maintain and prolong, the shelf life of your facility, allowing you to focus all your energy on your business.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, for that reason we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our work at Bostonian Enterprises is so efficient and reliable because we work on a case by case basis. We take time to devise a cleaning plan tailored to the needs of your facility and can meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers, and building owners in commercial and industrial markets. Whether you need commercial cleaning or disinfecting services, or both, Bostonian Enterprises can help!

Covid 19 Disinfection

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Bostonian Enterprises provides exemplary janitorial and disinfecting services with solutions designed particularly for your facility.

Covid Disinfection

Indoor & Outdoor

Bostonian Enterprises offers both indoor and outdoor janitorial services, to ensure and maintain the cleanliness and integrity, of your facility.

Coronavirus Disinfection in boston ma

CDC Approved

Our staff has extensive experience and knowledge in deep cleaning and sanitation techniques to ensure you, your employees and facility, are safe.

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Our equipment allows us to kill the majority of fungi, mold, viruses, mycobacterium tuberculosis, and bacteria.

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Covid 19 Disinfection Services

Most businesses don’t tend to take an interest in disinfecting or sanitization services however, particularly in the current environment, employees and customers want to feel safe. Being aware of contagious or infectious diseases is vital. Despite being effective, traditional disinfecting techniques lack the thoroughness and capabilities provided by the latest disinfecting technology. Electrostatic disinfectant treatments are more cost-effective and efficient than typical methods as, they can eliminates even microscopic particles.

This method ensures superior coverage and thus greater protection against bacteria and viruses including the most common ones: MRSA, Cold & Flu viruses, Norovirus, E Coli and, Salmonella. Facilities with strict standards and policies (medical clinics, schools, etc.) will require more frequent interventions than facilities with looser standards who might employ such services only during particular times of the year (offices, stores, etc.).

Bostonian Enterprises provides efficient electrostatic disinfection treatments. Give yourself some peace of mind by procuring our services, we help small and large commercial facilities!

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Boston Enterprise hires the right people, has the most up to date equipment for the job and, has quality control systems in place.

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Commercial Cleaning

Bostonian Enterprises has all the indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning services you need. Every building and customer has different needs, we aim to help you increase your profit margin while offering competitive prices that fit your budget, meeting, and exceeding your expectations. Our services include:

  • Emptying trashes
  • Surface dusting
  • Restroom cleaning & sanitizing
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Hard floor sweeping and mopping
  • General office cleaning
  • Window washing (outdoor service)
  • Pressure washing (outdoor service)
  • Park lot care (outdoor service)
  • Landscaping (outdoor service)
Coronavirus cleaning in Boston, MA

Coronavirus Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection is one of, if not the most, effective disinfectant treatment. Because of the areas and depths, this method can reach, it has far more coverage and is, therefore, more thorough than traditional treatments giving you even greater protection. Electrostatic disinfection is a great compliment to a regular cleaning regiment.Our services include:

  • Electrostatic Disinfection

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